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Posted by: EvDomains on 12/29/2015

PLUG ME IN Project

PLUG ME IN Project


March 2016 I’m going to travel from The Netherlands to Australia by electric car. Without any money I completely rely on the energy I receive from people around the world. During this journey I will visit inspiring people, projects, companies and events to make a documentary about sustainability. My goal is to find out what sustainability is, to create awareness around this subject and to prove that you can do really cool things with this.

To make it to Australia I need your help! Please plug me in with food, a place to sleep or energy for the car. In return for your energy I’ll offer you a Dopper bottle; a sustainable drinking bottle which is also a donation to the Dopper Foundation.
The countries that I visit and the route of the journey will be based on the energy I receive.

It’s all about energy; it’s about the energy of a good story…

Charge it!


During the journey I will be making a documentary about sustainability. This documentary will be completed after the journey. The subject is a personal quest about sustainability, answering these three questions:

“What is sustainability?”
“What means sustainability for me?”
“How can I apply it in my everyday life?”

Questions everyone from our generation are struggling with. I will try to answer these questions by interviewing everyone I meet and visiting organizations, projects and events who are related to sustainability.

When I started organizing this project, this trip was about the adventure, meeting new people and the social aspect. Many people started telling me I have to do something with sustainability. At that time the word sustainability was a very dull word for me. But when I started doing some research about this subject I discovered that you can do really cool things with sustainability. During this journey I want to proof that sustainability is not boring and dull but very hip and cool!

Do you have a good suggestion for a cool project I can visit? Please contact me.


I will start in The Netherlands and finish in Australia but between there is no definitive route.
The countries marked in blue are possible countries to reach the end destination but i’ll let you decide where i’m going!
Please Plug Me In to set the route.

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